OWSF Food Vendor Booth Information

Food Vending Space

Booth spaces are available for individual non-retail food vendors.

Only food items which have been approved by the Old Washington Street Festival committee may be sold in your booth.

Selection Process

The Old Washington Street Festival committee will review all timely applications for Food Vendor booth spaces.

Because we are attempting to create a particular atmosphere for our Festival, the Festival Committee reserves the right to select participants whose products and presentation are in keeping with that turn-of-the-century (1880-1910) atmosphere

Ham and beans and homemade ice cream are staples of this time period, but foods such as sausage-on-a-stick, corn on the cob, stew, hickory chicken, omelet's, soups, breads, fruits, pastries, candy apples, fruit or herb teas, plain or fruit lemonade, ciders or packaged food such as granola, jellies, or apple butter would also be appropriate.

To attempt to limit duplicate food items from different vendors, a complete menu must be included with each application. HOWEVER, we cannot guarantee that any one food item will be exclusive to any one vendor.

If you plan to use a trailer, a photo of the trailer must accompany your application.

In an attempt to enhance the historic atmosphere of the Festival, exhibitors are encouraged to dress in attire consistent with the Gas Boom Period (1880-1910).

Booth Sizes

Single booth spaces measure approximately 10' by 10' and double booth spaces measure approximately 10' by 20'. Please specify desired size on request.

Your booth location will be available at the Information Booth (at the intersection of Vine and Washington) at 8:00 am on Saturday.


For an added fee, we will make every attempt to honor requests for electricity for your booth space. Requests for electricity must be made upon application. Please indicate whether you need 120 V or 220 V service.

Other Equipment

Food vendors must furnish tents, tables, chairs, sacks, and any display items.

Waste Disposal

The historic sewers in our historic neighborhood cannot handle waste water containing food or fats waste. Food vendors should make provisions to collect such waste generated from their booths for proper off-site disposal.


A certificate of current insurance coverage is required of all food vendors

Health Department Approval

A certificate from the Delaware County Health Department is require for all food vendors.

We encourage food vendor applicants to start working with the Health Department at their earliest convenience. Please contact the Board of Health for additional information.

Delaware County Health Department Contact Information

  • 765-747-7721
  • 125 N Mulberry St Muncie, IN 47305
  • Website


Please see the appropriate application for a schedule of fees.

Other Restrictions

Please respect the spirit of the Festival, by not promoting personal agendas or public petitions.

Political participants must stay within their respected areas.

No individual music within the booth space without prior approval from the festival committee.


NOTE: The East Central Neighborhood Association is NOT responsible for damage, theft, or loss.

The grounds will be patrolled from 5:00 p.m. Friday to 8:00 p.m. Sunday.

For maximum security for your items, we recommend setting up each morning.

Additional Information

Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact the festival committee.