OWSF Artist and Craftsperson Booth Information

Exhibition Space

Booth spaces are available for individual artists and craftspersons. Only your juried works of art or crafts which have been approved by the Festival Jury may be sold in your booth.

No flea market items are allowed.

Exhibitors are required to clean up their space at the end of each day. No packing up before 5:00 pm each day.

In an attempt to enhance the historic atmosphere of the Festival, exhibitors are encouraged to dress in attire consistent with the Gas Boom Period (1880-1910).

The Selection Process

The Festival Jury will review all timely applications for artist or craftsperson booth spaces. Your exhibition application must be accompanied by supporting information (as appropriate for your work, i.e. slides, photos, and or CD's). Be sure to include the name of the artist or craftsperson, the medium, and the size of your work photographed on each supporting item (slide, CD or photograph).

The Festival Jury is composed of Old Washington Festival Committee members, professional artists, and craftspersons.

All applications must be reviewed by the Festival Jury EACH year. There is no guarantee that works approved for a previous Old Washington Street Festival will be accepted this year.

No one medium will be disproportionately represented.


  • All work must be original and done by the exhibitor.
  • The Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse any artist or craftsperson to exhibit work that has not been submitted and approved.

Booth Sizes

Single booth spaces measure approximately 10' by 10' and double booth spaces measure approximately 10' by 20'. Please specify desired size on request.

Your booth location will be available at the Information Booth (at the intersection of Vine and Washington) at 8:00 am on Saturday.


For an added fee, we will make every attempt to honor requests for electricity for your booth space. Requests for electricity must be made upon application. Please indicate whether you need 120 V or 220 V service.

Other Equipment

Artists must furnish tents, tables, chairs, sacks, and any display items.


Please see the appropriate application for a schedule of fees.

Other Restrictions

No Wheeled Vehicles will be allowed

Please respect the spirit of the Festival, by not promoting personal agendas or public petitions.

Political participants must stay within their respected areas.

No individual music within the booth space without prior approval from the festival committee./p>


NOTE: The East Central Neighborhood Association is NOT responsible for damage, theft, or loss.

The grounds will be patrolled from 5:00 p.m. Friday to 8:00 p.m. Sunday.

For maximum security for your items, we recommend setting up each morning.

Additional Information

Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact the festival committee.